Bitcoin Pitch Invasion: How Peter McCormack is Turning an Unknown Town into a Crypto Hub

• Peter McCormack bought the Real Bedford Football Club in 2021 to promote Bitcoin adoption.
• The club features Bitcoin branding and meetups are held before each game.
• McCormack aims to introduce locals to Bitcoin rather than forcing them into it, and emphasizes education and responsible investment.

Real Bedford FC: A Football Team Promoting Bitcoin Adoption

Peter McCormack, the host of What Bitcoin Did podcast, purchased Real Bedford Football Club in 2021 during a peak period of the Bitcoin bull run. The team’s bright orange jerseys proudly display the Bitcoin logo as a symbol for its close association with digital currency. Meetups are often organized before each game to attract influential figures from the Bitcoin world.

The Impact on Locals

McCormack’s unconventional approach has sparked curiosity and criticism among some local residents who are skeptical of the implications that come with promoting cryptocurrency. Joe Hall interviews locals around Bedford to investigate how much influence the football club has had on their town. While some were familiar with the club’s takeover, others had never heard of McCormack or his intentions for greater Bitcoin adoption.

Responsible Investment Emphasized

Rather than forcing cryptocurrency on people, McCormack wants to use Real Bedford F.C as a Trojan horse to gradually introduce them to digital currency investing responsibly. To this end, he emphasizes education about cryptocurrency and responsible investment through statements like “Why you shouldn’t buy bitcoin” featured on the Real Bedford website.

Future Plans for Crypto-Related Projects

McCormack acknowledges that there is potential in other cryptocurrencies and crypto-related projects but remains committed to being an exclusively BTC-backed team for now – though he believes they could become a Premier League team within nine years if they did accept alternative currencies or tokens!


Real Bedford F.C has gained promotion since Peter McCormack’s purchase in 2021, secured significant sponsorships, and attracted attention from both local and international fans curious about its connection with BTC . While many question his decision, McComack believes he can revive a football club while raising up a town’s awareness of cryptocurrency investments at once – by using it as an educational tool rather than pushing it onto people without knowledge or understanding of what it really means!

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