30,655 Scholarships for Web3 Education: Binance Charity to Help Students Upskill

• Binance Charity will provide 30,655 scholarships for Web3 education and training courses in 2023
• The program is aimed to help tech-savvy students upskill without having to leap-frog financial barriers
• The education centers involved include universities and colleges in Australia, Cyprus, Germany, Nigeria, France and Ukraine

Binance Charity is set to launch a program that will provide 30,655 students with scholarships to pursue Web3 education and training courses in 2023. The Binance Charity Scholar Program (BCSP) aims to help tech-savvy students upskill without having to leap-frog over any financial barriers. The program has already received over 82,000 applications, with an acceptance rate of about 37%.

The education centers that are involved in the BCSP include colleges and universities from Australia, Cyprus, Germany, Nigeria, France, and Ukraine. The University of Western Australia, University of Nicosia in Cyprus, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management in Germany, and Nigerian-based technology hub Utiva will all offer their courses as part of this program. Additionally, French-based tuition-free training center Simplon, Women In Tech, Kyiv IT Cluster, and Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation will also host events related to the BCSP.

The goal of the program is to make sure that digital education and skills development are accessible to all, regardless of their financial background. Binance Charity hopes that by providing these scholarships, they can help create a blockchain industry that is diverse and full of talented individuals.

The scholarship amount will cover tuition and course fees, allowing students to access the best education without having to worry about any costs. Furthermore, the program is also aimed to help those who may have lost their jobs due to the war in Ukraine, by providing them with the tools and resources to re-train and gain new skills.

Binance Charity is proud to be able to offer this program and hopes to continue to support the digital education of students around the world. With the help of this program, students will be able to access the best Web3 education and training courses, helping them to make their dreams of a career in the blockchain industry a reality.

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