Newsletter no 4 • DECEMBER 2020

ChipScope News

Welcome to the last newsletter of the EC funded project ChipScope!.

After four years of intense work, the ChipScope project ends in December. The researchers from the partner institutes and universities in Barcelona, Rome, Braunschweig, Vienna, Neuchâtel and Munich are happy to share latest results.

Electronically activated scanning transmission optical microscopes

During the last four years, the Chipscope project has been focused on pursuing super resolution with a nanoLED array-based approach to microscopy. As a main result, electronically activated scanning transmission optical microscopes have been produced for the first time.

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NanoLEDs for next generation of ChipScope microscope ready

The optical resolution of the ChipScope microscope is defined by the size and distance of individually addressable LEDs underneath the specimen. In the final phase of the ChipScope project, the team of researchers from TUBS has realized nanoLED arrays with emitters down to 200 nm size and 400 nm distance, which will bring resolution close to the refraction limit.

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Optical design of InGaN/GaN nanoLED arrays on a chip: towards highly resolved illumination

The group at University of Rome Tor Vergata has studied in detail optical crosstalk between neighbouring pixels of 3D structured nanoLED arrays and its dependence on LED size and pitch. In order to quantify crosstalk, the light spot of the emission from a single pixel at the object plane has been looked at.

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Project Overview

Full project name:  : Overcoming the limits of diffraction with super lighting on a chip
Start: 01.01.2017
Duration: 4 years
Partners: University of Barcelona (coordinator), Technical University of Braunschweig, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, FSRM Swiss Foundation for Research in Microtechnology, Department of Pathology of the Medical University of Vienna, Tor Vergata University of Rome.

The Chipscope project is funded by the European Union  


Prof. Angel Dieguez
Project Coordinator, University of Barcelona, +34 93 403 91 49

Annette Locher
Communication Manager, FSRM, +41 32 720 09 03




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