Newsletter no 3 • DECEMBER 2019

ChipScope News

Welcome to the third newsletter of the EC funded project ChipScope, developing the first chip sized optical microscope with super-resolution capabilities.

ChipScope will revolutionize optical microscopes with super-resolution capabilities, making them chip-sized, convenient, affordable and ubiquitously available, not only for laboratories working in manifold research fields, but also in everyday life. More on the project and its aims.

The first Chipscope microscope prototype is now acquiring images

The University of Barcelona has started the assembly of the first version of the ChipScope microscope.

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Chipscope microscope for fluorescence imaging

The list of applications of the Chipscope microscope is not only limited by shadow imaging. The ability of the microLEDs to excite the fluorescence was demonstrated in collaboration of the Technical University of Braunschweig and the University of Munich.

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Public ChipScope workshop – presentations now available

ChipScope organized a public workshop on Micro-Nano Technologies for Integrated Optics during MCM 2019, the 14th Multinational Congress on Microscopy in Belgrade, Serbia.

Six ChipScope researchers presented the ChipScope project and latest results.

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Project Overview

Full project name:  : Overcoming the limits of diffraction with super lighting on a chip
Start: 01.01.2017
Duration: 4 years
Partners: University of Barcelona (coordinator), Technical University of Braunschweig, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, FSRM Swiss Foundation for Research in Microtechnology, Department of Pathology of the Medical University of Vienna, Tor Vergata University of Rome.

The Chipscope project is funded by the European Union  


Prof. Angel Dieguez
Project Coordinator, University of Barcelona, +34 93 403 91 49

Annette Locher
Communication Manager, FSRM, +41 32 720 09 03




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