Chipscope microscope for fluorescence imaging

The list of applications of the Chipscope microscope is not only limited by shadow imaging. The ability of the microLEDs to excite the fluorescence was demonstrated in collaboration of the Technical University of Braunschweig and the University of München. The microLED array was integrated into the TIRF microscope, which is typically using laser light as an excitation source. Such a system allows acquisition of the fluorescence signal excited by the laser and the LED consequently, without changing the experiment conditions and sample positioning.

The figure below demonstrates the compilation of images taken by the setup: image of the microLED array, the fluorescence image of the sample when excited by laser, the fluorescence image of the sample when excited by LED, while 500 nm dyed polystyrene beads were used as a sample.

The image demonstrates close correlation between the positions of the LEDs and the spreading of fluorescence signal over the image, proving that pumping fluorescence with LEDs is possible, and the limits will be discovered in nearest future.