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2020-03-23 Article: Una novedosa tecnología de microscopía multimodal sin lentes para aplicaciones médicas

2020-03-23 Article: ChipScope: un nuevo enfoque para la microscopía óptica

2020-02-04 Artikel: Neue, multi-modale linsenlose Mikroskopietechnologie für medizinische Anwendungen

2019-12-09 Newsletter 3

2019-10-21 Article: ChipScope – a new approach to optical microscopy

2019-10-21 Article:  A multimodal novel lensless microscopy technology for medical applications

2019-5-28 Article in Horizon, the EU Research&Innovation Magazine : Microscope-on-a-chip focuses on super-resolution viewing

2019-05-04 Article on Cordis: ChipScope Workshop: Micro-nano technologies for integrated microscopy – Public workshop

2018-08-04 Article on Cordis: New ChipScope Video Just Released!

2018-12-06 Newsletter 2

2018-09-11 Article on Cordis: ChipScope Workshop: European Initiatives for the Next Generation of Nanoscopies in Biosciences

2018-04-27 Press Release: The ChipScope project gets leading companies on board

2017-12-20 Newsletter 1

2017-03-23 Press Book Press Release 2017-03-23

2017-03-23 Press Release: Launch of the ChipScope Project

2017-03-27 Article on Cordis: ChipScope project: Overcoming the Limits of Diffraction with Superresolution Lighting on a Chip